The Whip's End

Mizzrym's Caravel


The Whip’s End is well known throughout the Sword Coast from Calimport to Waterdeep and beyond. Its distinctive black hull and sails give a menacing look that is backed up with its magically-enhanced cannons.

Despite its capacity for battle, The Whip’s End generally just outruns the larger and more heavily armed vessels sometimes encountered.


Captain Mizzrym was said to come into possession of the Whip’s End as a result of a dice game gone wrong for its former owner. With no previous experience at sea after an early life in the Underdark, it took over a decade for Mizzrym to gain the necessary skills and thus full respect of the crew. Fortunately for Mizzrym, his drow heritage caused the crew to fear him from the start.

These days Mizzrym, now having several decades of experience, is one of the most successful blockade runners on the Sword Coast. He is known to treat both his crew and his enemies fairly but if crossed he is most deadly.

The Whip's End

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