The Medrae's Phylactery

The life essence of The Medrae

Phylactery Box

Adrieana has taken extra special care in carving the ornate box that her phylactery is placed in. She carved and dressed it with runes and diamond dust, and it seals itself when the crown piece is put onto the base (the runes must be touched in a special sequence or the box will trigger a spell that has been permanently attached to it. The box is Tiny and has 40 hit points, hardness 20, and a break DC of 40.
The Medrae will treasure this gift of eternity. Through this ritual, she will bring order to the Realms and make her home a vast and powerful empire. The Phylactery itself is a magnificent 75 carat ruby set in a gold pendant attached to a gold chain that pulses with a low light and is warm to the touch.


The Medrae's Phylactery

Heirs of Waterdeep Darkness