Staff of the Necromancer

The Medrae's Staff

weapon (melee)

Necromancy: This staff is made from ebony or other dark wood and carved with the images of bones and skulls (50 Charges.)

It allows use of the following spells:
Cause fear (1 charge)
Ghoul touch (1 charge)
Halt undead (1 charge)
Enervation (2 charges)
Waves of fatigue (2 charges)
Circle of death (3 charges)
Strong necromancy; CL 13th; Craft Staff, cause fear, circle of death, enervation, ghoul touch, halt undead, waves of fatigue; Price 65,000 gp.


After killing off a group of devils, the party finds some loot in a training room, deep within Guantlgrym. The Medrae is ready to use her new found gift.

Staff of the Necromancer

Heirs of Waterdeep Darkness