The Shadowvar are the inhabitants of Thultanthar, the Shade enclave. During the course of the people’s 1700 year exile from Toril, they have battled the Malaugrym and the other shadowy horrors of the realm, becoming more attuned to the Plane of Shadow with each generation and later Shadowfell for a short time, and are thus now known as Shadovar.

Returned from their imprisonment from Shadowfell, the darkness touched Shadovar took over the great desert Anauroch, they then turned their attention to the city of Neverwinter. They sent in their tiefling agent Herzgo Alegni who along with Barrabus the Gray renamed Neverwinter bridge in the name of Herzgo. However, the Ashmadai under the rule of Thay quickly destroyed Neverwinter through the use of Gauntlgrym. Thus the Herzgo Alegni Bridge’s name was reverted back to its original title.

New Neverwinter
Ten years following the ‘death’ of Neverwinter, Herzgo Alegni began to aide the citizens of New Neverwinter against attacks from Thay, prompting a war between the two factions. In one such event, Herzgo gained the favor of the people of Neverwinter and Neverwinter Bridge was renamed the Walk of Barrabus in honor of Artemis Entreri. After Herzgo Alegni returned to new Neverwinter the name was changed back to Herzgo Alegni Bridge.
Herzgo Alegni would then, by threat of violence, declare himself the leader of New Neverwinter. However, after the death of Alegni at the hands of Dahlia Sin’felle, his master, Draygo Quick, would pass leadership on to Alegni’s son, Effron. However, the actions of the Netherese would attract the attentions of Waterdeep, who would force the Netherese to take a more of a background role in New Neverwinter.


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