Ring of Limited Shapechange

The Medrae's Ring


Ring of Limited Shapechange
This ring allows the wearer to shapechange into a non-undead humanoid at will. The wearer may revert back into his/her natural form in one round. This ring is quite useful for intelligent undead that don’t wish to be detected.
Strong transmutation; CL 17th; Forge Ring, shapechange, ;Market Price: 308,000 gp; Cost to Create: 154,000 gp + 13,080 XP.


After returning to Neverwinter from Ten Towns, it became quite clear that my visage and fear aura were going to be a problem. If we were to become the most powerful group of Chosen in the realm, I was going to have to take steps to become more accessible in public. And after trading a few magical items and a favor, Jarlaxle gave me this sweet little number.

Ring of Limited Shapechange

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