Manse Chastain

Home of the Chosen


This white limestone villa is a rare site in Waterdeep. With large accommodations and materials imported from the Shining South, it is a home of tremendous value.

The first floor has formal dining, formal sitting, a parlor and even a dance floor for entertaining the high society of Waterdeep.

The second floor has 6 bedrooms, a game room and a spa.

This is a home fit for royalty.


Long ago, circa 1156, Villa Chastain was commissioned by a wealthy spice trader from Calimport, Sayeed El-Baz. No expense was spared and each material was hand-picked.

Two years later the completed villa was a masterwork. Behind the scenes, Malgoth had taken every measure to ensure the home to be a safe haven for her travels to the prime material plane. She rarely visits but a family of caretakers has treated the house with the white glove treatment for centuries.

As the 4 Chosen enter Waterdeep, they are quickly met by the head servant of the house, Amir.

Amir quickly ushers the Chosen to their new domain and informs them he has taken the liberty of setting up a large event in 2 day’s time.

Many have wondered about the house over the course of generations and the revelation that it will soon host an event for Waterdeep’s elite has the entire region buzzing with excitement.

Manse Chastain

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