Lords of Waterdeep

Ruling Council of Waterdeep


The Lords of Waterdeep are the ruling council who have ruled the city of Waterdeep for the most of the last 300 years. Throughout that time, there have been between 50 and 80 lords, four of whom have reigned as Open Lord. The Lords come from all walks of life and while predominantly comprised of humans, has had members of various races throughout the Realms.

While no other Lords are formally named, some individuals become the subject of widespread rumors that can even become a general consensus. The penalty for impersonating a Lord, whether by dressing in a set of their identical clothing or by a false claim is punishable by the impostor’s immediate execution.

The Lords only appear in public when deliberating on high crimes or when asked to by the lower court but even then only four generally appear and one is always Gisalia. All save her wear black formless masks and robes and speak through Gisalia to keep their identities secret.

It is heavily rumored that Julius Roberc is one of the masked lords.


One of the Masked Lords has, since the time of Khelben, been an agent of Azuth and, later, Malgoth.

Malgoth’s current proxy on the Lords is set to step down and will name one of the 4 from The Prophecy if they fulfill their destiny and arrive in Waterdeep soon…

Lords of Waterdeep

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