Forgotten Dwarven City


As of 1479 DR, two groups had vied for control of Gauntlgrym, the drow and duergar. The drow have been forced into mainly the upper levels while the duergar remain, expanding the tunnels beneath the city at the behest of Asmodeus while also mining for precious metals, including hellthorn. House Xorlarrin also remains in the Underdark passages just outside the city, hoping to reclaim the territory that they lost. In addition, there are the ever present threats of Delzoun ghosts, elemental servants of Maegera and a large colony of dire Corbie’s who stubbornly refuse to be eradicated.


Gauntlgrym’s construction began in -335 DR as a joint effort between the arcanists of Illusk and the dwarves of Delzoun, who would take it as their capital. Using bound water elementals, the two races managed to subdue and control the trapped Dawn Titan, Maegera whose heat would fuel forges that created many exceptional pieces of metalwork. The city was completed fourteen years later and came to be home to dwarves from all over Delzoun as well as humans from Illusk and Runlatha.

The city fell during The Orc Marches of -111 DR but was resettled in 141 DR, this time as a vassal of Illusk, who again aided the dwarves in their efforts. Unfortunately, after an invasion by lycanthropes a mere twelve years after its resettlement, the city would be left to the mind flayers who controlled the were-creatures.

The Illithid would rule over the city for over a millennium, keeping to the lower levels while leaving the trap-filled upper halls empty. They would later use the city as a base from which to attack the Kraken Society, who had managed to injure their elder brain and managed to abduct and brainwash one of their own in 1278 DR. They would also find unexpected numbers when they accepted refugees from destroyed Phanlinksal in 1339 DR who aided them in their main goal which seemed to be the creation of half-illithid hybrid creatures. The Knights of Myth Drannor would be only the second surface group to uncover Gauntlygrym, the first being the Company of the Gryphon. The Knights had found a previously undiscovered route through the Underdark from Shadowdale. A group of goblinoids called the Hargrath would later take over the upper levels. In 1363 DR, the mind flayers of Gauntlgrym created the first illithiderro, or madminds. The madminds, who could breed amongst themselves, did so quickly and outnumbered their creators in only a few years. They successfully rebelled against the illithids, slaughtering most of their former masters before coming to infest the lower levels like vermin.

Maegra would be awoken many years later in 1451 DR by Dahlia Sin’felle, an agent of distant Thay, who would use it to destroy Neverwinter. When Sylora Salm tried to destroy the burgeoning settlement again ten years later, she would be stopped by the combined efforts of Bruenor Battlehammer, Jarlaxle Baenre and Drizzt Do’Urden. In 1463 DR, a group of drow led by Ravel Xorlarrin captured the forge area of the complex at the behest of Matron Zeerith, having been secretly prodded to do so by House Baenre. The purpose was to create a sister city to Menzoberranzan that was free of the direct control of House Baenre but it would also afford greater rights to drow males and driders as well as create an easier access for Bregan D’aerthe to send trade goods from the surface back home. A brief setback occurred shortly after the occupation began when Brack’thal Xorlarrin, the house elderboy, succumbed to the whispers of Maegera and tried to release the primordial once more, coinciding with an attack from a contingent of shadovar led by Herzgo Alegni. When those threats passed the drow moved to strengthen their position, but somehow, over the next sixteen years, the drow were forced out by a band of Duergar.


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