Disciples of The Chosen

Legends Return In Service


The Chosen of Malgoth face an almost impossible challenge: defeat the Chosen of the Malgoth’s rivals for the divine essence of Mask. In return, each Chosen gets the smallest slice of that divine essence, making them demi-gods.

In order to help, Malgoth’s most powerful gift to them will be the Disciples.

The Disciples of the Chosen are legendary warriors from various points in the history of Faerun. Each of these warriors was ultimately defeated before their time. Worse than that, they were defeated in a way that would rob them of their soul. This means these 4 legends would face oblivion rather than reap the reward of their respective deities.

Malgoth, looking through the ages, found these four out of the countless poor souls who have faced such a fate. She gave them the choice: complete a term of service or walk into oblivion. Each of them agreed and are now bound.

Terms of service for the Disciples:
1. Each of the four will be bound to one of the Chosen of Malgoth whom they will service with complete and utter loyalty;
2. The four have been miniaturized and contained in a small globe of amber. Each of the Chosen will possess one of the four tokens;
3. The Chosen, with a standard action, may summon their Disciple at any time (within the restrictions below). The Disciple will appear and be able to take action in the subsequent round;
4. The Disciple may be dismissed with a free action at any time;
5. The Disciple must rest 8 out of every 24 hours so that they may not be present more than 16 hours in any 24 hour period;
6. If a Disciple is slain in combat, they may not be recalled for 24 hours while they regenerate;
7. Each Disciple arrives with the equipment they possessed at the time of death. They may not give up their equipment or be given new equipment;
8. The Disciples do not gain XP, they are frozen in time;
9. After 100 years they Disciples return to the land of the living. From there they may continue to progress, be killed or die of old age. After their death in this second life they will be rewarded with eternal life within the realm of Malgoth. During this second life they are still bound to absolute loyalty to the Chosen.

Disciples of The Chosen

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