Ára the Swift

11 Rgr/1 Rog/ 1 Sor/ 12 Arc


Ára Wilwarindëa
Race: Wood Elf
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Hair: Chestnut Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion/ Patron Deity: Gods of the Forest/Solonor Thelandira
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 105 lbs
Looks: At first glance, Ára appears delicate and timid like a rabbit, but that assumption could cost one their life. She learned from an early age that her soft, gentle visage would be one of her greatest assets. Quick, nimble, practically silent on her feet and being able to hide in plain sight, allows her to sneak up on anyone; which is one of her most favorite things to do.


A gentle breeze, rustling the leaves of her favorite oak, brought a new bouquet that nudged Ára wake from her afternoon nap. As she began to stir, she heard soft whisperings, “Come my child, come to me.” She had no idea who would be saying this, as she was deep in the forest with no one around for many miles. Again the soft voice called, “Ára, come to me.” She looked around trying to find the source of the voice, and felt the breeze on her back. It felt as though it was trying to push her in the direction of the voice. She cautiously stepped forward and allowed the breeze to guide her path.
After many minutes, and deeper into part of the forest that she had yet to explore, the breeze stopped. As she looked around, her attention focused to a very old and mighty tree. The tree seemed to glow and radiate great energy. The voice spoke, “Ára, my child, it is time; your destiny calls upon you.” “Who are you”, asked Ára. The voice laughed slightly and said, “My child, always the one to sneak up on others, to be the one in the know; I can sense your uneasiness. Fear not my dear for I have watched over you since your birth”, at which point a bright sliver light emitted from the tree and as it dissipated a handsome man stood in its place.
“I am Solonor Thelandira, and your destiny weighs heavily upon me my child”, the man said. Ára did not know what to say. She wanted to hide. Moving closer to Ára, Solonor said, “Your destiny is not going to be easy my child, but you must succeed! You must leave here, and travel to a place called Waterdeep. There you will be summoned by one known as Khelben Blackstaff. Do what you must to fulfill your destiny!” Ára was overwhelmed by what Solonor just told her.
Solonor then said, “I will offer as much help as I can. For now, take this bow and cloak. You must be on your way my child.” “Where is Waterdeep,” she asked as her senses came back to her. “This breeze will be your guide”, Solonor said as he faded away, “this breeze will always guide you…” The breeze blew gently and Ára resisted it for a moment, just a moment, and then she was off to fulfill destiny.

Ára the Swift

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