Heirs of Waterdeep


Our young Waterdavians, summon by no less than the archmage Khelben Blackstaff, find themselves at a large estate in the Castle District. They are told a great destiny has been foreseen for them but they must prove themselves first.

Each of the three present, and later, fourth, accepted the potential destiny as something far beyond what they could have hoped to achieve in life. Yes, each had proven themselves as exception but now there is the possibility that potential becomes reality.

Facing first fire, then water, then earth, the new companions endured using only their natural abilities.

The first three were immediately set to some mundane challenges, helping reduce crime in Waterdeep by a small degree, obtaining housing and the employment.

What happened next was unexpected. How had they run afoul of the law? They fought back to some extent but eventually cooler heads prevailed and they were taken into custody, now with the added charge of the murder of a city guardsman.



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