Chosen of Malgoth

Benefits of the Chosen of Malgoth



May not be LG or CE (extremes are frowned upon by Malgoth).
Must pass the 3 trials before reaching full adulthood.
Must be nominated for the 3 trials by one who is worthy.


Level 4: Immunity to Disease/Poison
Level 6: Spell Resistance 5; Feather Fall 1/day (Swift); Expeditious Retreat 1/day (Swift)
Level 8: No Natural Aging and Immunity to Age-Affecting Spells or Abilities
Level 10: Mystical Gift (varies by individual)
Level 12: Spell Resistance 10; DR 5/cold iron
Level 14: Mystical Gift (varies by individual)
Level 16: Pocket Plane
Level 18: Mystical Gift (varies by individual)


Before the dawn of the rise of man in Realms, Malgoth was a powerful transmuter of unknown race. Some speculate she was elven, others an outsider of some sort. Malgoth learned the mysteries of immortality and became the most powerful spellcaster of her time. Certain high elven legends claim Malgoth was one of their own and as one of the founders of old elven High Magic.

After untold years it became apparent to Malgoth that true understanding could only be achieved outside of her mortal coil and thus she embarked upon a quest to elevate her very existence. After much more time passed she succeeded partially and became essentially a demigod. In order to truly ascend however Malgoth knew she would need to acquire the portfolio of another deity or somehow create one anew.

Malgoth had a great kinship with the deity Azuth before Azuth’s demise during the Spellplague. Azuth shared a similar background but part of success is simply being in the right place at the right time which had not happened yet for Malgoth. Both Malgoth and Azuth were not aligned with either good or evil, simply the search for truth.

Azuth made Malgoth aware that his superior, Mystra the goddess of magic, used semi-mortal assistance on the prime material plane in the form of the “Chosen of Mystra”. Azuth worked with Malgoth to help unlock those secrets and allow Malgoth to impart a similar gift to those who may be willing to assist him on the prime material.

After several failed experiments with various followers, Malgoth finally honed in on what she believes would be the ideal mix of abilities, alignments and personalities. Working once again with Azuth, Malgoth was introduced to the powerful Chosen of Mystra, Blackstaff Arunsun who promised to help Malgoth in her search for knowledge and truth.

So it began when Blackstaff collected our heroes, those would match Malgoth’s desired profile and their journey began.

What is required of the Chosen of Malgoth is great. What is rewarded to them is even greater, for if successful they too would eventually become demi-gods and be allowed to embark upon their own search for ascention…

Chosen of Malgoth

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