Zhengia Rallow

Halfling Outrider


Zhengia stands barely over 3’ tall—her dog is taller. Despite this, she has brought much fear to her opponents after the initial amusement.

Zhengia’s character sheet.


Zhengia dedicated her early life to defending her halfling homeland, something not in the nature of many halflings. After training in the arts of fighting for many years she decided to head to the big city to explore life. Waterdeep.

In Waterdeep, Zhengia found that her training, while good, was far from complete. Her lack of physical strength led to her kidnap. She was put to work in a local cat house. That all ended a few months later when she found the opportunity to kill her captor.

Setting the other girls free with her, she burned down the house for good measure. She swore then that she would never again be victimized.

Zhengia’s daring escape caught the notice of a powerful passer-by: Julius. Julius saw in her potential and took her in, giving her house and home and asking nothing in return. Julius then introduced her to the famous halfling outrider, Roland. Roland helped her learn to fight from the saddle, using the animal’s strength and speed in conjunction with her own.

Now, many years later, Zhengia is among the best outriders in the region. She feels a debt of gratitude to Julius and to her now husband, Roland.

It seems that Julius’ adversary Malgoth has some new minions and she will not fail in their destruction.

Zhengia Rallow

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