Human Sorceror


Xyphan’s appearance is fairly unremarkable. Average height and weight with brown hair. He is not physically gifted.

In looking at Xyphan’s bearing and his equipment, a different story quickly reveals itself.

Xyphan’s character sheet.


Xyphan never lacked for much as a child. His family was not rich but certainly not poor. As a small child his family assumed he would carry on the respectable family business of crab fishing.

Until they saw him create a light around his hand at only 6 years old. It appears they had a prodigy.

Xyphan’s family knew the only person in Waterdeep equipped to handle such a prodigy. Julius.

Julius, having mentoring many wizards and sorcerors over his long life, happily accepted once he scryed his incredible potential.

To Julius, it became apparent in rapid fashion that Xyphan’s gifts centered around the manipulation of metamagic and so Julius set upon teaching Xyphan the ways of the Incanatrix. This came naturally, it was Julius’ path as well, though from a wizard’s perspective rather than the sorceror like Xyphan.

Over the years, Xyphan’s power increased exponentially until finally he was asked to repay his training with a few years of service. Xyphan wouldn’t have it any other way and has since undertaken many challenging, dangerous and even the almost impossible set of missions Julius set forth.

Xyphan’s current mission, he knows, will be quite possibly his most dangerous to date. Team up with some of Julius’ other followers and destroy his rival’s minions. It is said that there is a lich among them…it must be put down.


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