Moon Elf Archer


Sylvanus is an elf in his prime, with typical pale moon elf features. His presence and the evident wear on his equipment also shows his very experienced side.

Sylvanus’ character sheet.


Sylvanus, as a young elf, was surrounded in Evermeet by many fine elven archers. He especially admired the arcane archers, using ancient elven secrets to meld magic with archery.

Even early only Sylvanus displayed incredible talent, hitting targets at a higher rate than even much older elves. Much to his dismay, however, he lacked the magical aptitude to become an arcane archer.

After wallowing in his initial disappointed, he decided that he would rival his arcane brethren with sheer skill. Sylvanus threw himself into the art of archery and became among the finest in his region.

Sylvanus knew that practice could only take him so far, he must experience the “real world” in order to achieve true greatness. He packed his meager belongings and left Evermeet for the main continent. There he roamed for years until finding himself in Waterdeep.

In his quest for greatness, Sylvanus had lost the elven lust for life and finally he realized his emptiness. He decided that, within Waterdeep, he would find a path and applied for a job at the Azuthian Tavern. A curious name for a tavern but one filled with unusual clientele: mainly those with the arcane talents he lacked.

Quickly Sylvanus caught the attention of the owner, Julius. Somehow Julius could sense his struggle and the two spent much time sharing cups and talking of philosophy.

Finally, Julius entrusted Sylvanus with his story of Malgoth’s failure of Azuth, or at least his perspective.

Sylvanus had found his meaning in life. He would help with the ascension of a god. The fact that one of his rivals, an arcane archer, had teamed up with an evil lich, only fuels his fire. They must be destroyed…


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