Sivelin "Siv" Candlevail

Disciple of Ára the Swift


Siv is a Star Elf, a race closely related to the wood elves of the Yuirwood. He is attractive even for an elf, as befitting his royal blood and is quite tall, at 6’1".

Siv wears fine armor and carries one of the handful of remaining Moonblades, which he uses to devastating effect as a bladesinger.

Siv has green eyes, black hair and the trademark pale Star Elf skin.

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The Yuirwood provides a powerful link between Faerun and the plane of the Star Elves. Many Star Elves choose to live among their wood elf brethren in Yuirwood and Siv was counted among them.

Over 150 years ago, the Star Elves faced a dark and powerful enemy that threatened to consume their small plane of existence. When most of the royal bloodline was quickly annihilated, Siv returned to help. He was now the rightful heir to the throne in what was left of the Star Elf plane.

Siv, a powerful Bladesinger, was awarded the Moonblade of his fallen father. With it, Siv became an incredibly efficient leader in the fight to save the home of the Star Elves. Siv’s wife, Celani, a wood elf, came with him. She was a powerful ranger in her own right.

Celani was killed in an early battle, and Siv threw himself into the destruction of those responsible. Siv was ultimately successful, leading the Star Elves from the brink of destruction to complete victory. Weeks later, Siv was assassinated by one of the last remaining enemy agents, wizard of great might.

Siv would have been destroyed, body and soul, but Malgoth stepped in at that moment, seeing the incredible potential left in Siv.

Like the other 3 disciples, Siv had little choice but to accept his fate until he could truly live again, then die a natural death.

Sivelin "Siv" Candlevail

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