Rivalen Tanthul (aka Veldor)

Prince of Shade, Demigod


Prince Rivalen’s personal sigil was the symbol of Shar; below it was a pair of curving dark purple ram’s horns, outlined in black on a dark gray field.

Although High Prince Telamont is the temporal ruler of the Shadovars, Prince Rivalen was their spiritual leader. From the enormous Hall of Shadow located near the royal palace, the prince administered Shar’s clergy and pronounced her will to the faithful.


Prince Rivalen is Shar’s representative in the battle for the divinity of Mask and therefore it would be worst for all the Realms of he were victorious. With Shar being held temporarily at bay by the power of Mask, Rivalen would allow her to consume all of FR.

In -365 DR, Rivalen killed his mother Alashar by command of Shar. In 1372 DR, Rivalen’s divinations enabled his father, Telamont Tanthul, to finally guide Shade back to Faerûn. Shortly after, Rivalen fought Galaeron Nihmedu and Vangerdahast at the battle of Tilverton. In 1374 DR, Rivalen orchestrated, with the help of his brother Brennus, the takeover of the land of Sembia and its reduction to a vassal state of the City of Shade. Rivalen then became a demigod/exarch, having absorbed a shard of Mask’s power after helping Erevis Cale and Drasek Riven kill Kesson Rel.

Rivalen Tanthul (aka Veldor)

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