Druid, Chosen of Julius


At 7’ tall, Muir is an intimidating figure to most. He is known to wear only animal skins and travel with a variety of animal friends. His true animal companion, however, is a massive Roc which he rides in battle.

Muir will often take other forms as needed and is capable of many animal shapes. In addition, as a very powerful druid, he has mastered the art of shapechange.

Muir’s character sheet.


Muir grew up in the great north in a druid circle. Raised by an adopted father, he was exposed to great wisdom from an early age and picked up the family tradition.

Muir eventually inherited the leadership of the grove from his father after passing the challenge of his uncle. Muir had grown in power far beyond what anyone had in that grove in generations.

A few years into Muir’s leadership, an orc hoard threatens to destroy everything Muir has worked to achieve and his family before him.

Seeking help, Muir traveled to Waterdeep to seek the help of Julius Roberc, a sorceror and demi-god of great reknown. Juluis made Muir a deal that, in exchange for keeping the orcs out of his grove, Muir would become his chosen and help Julius to grab the mantle of Mask.

The newest of Julius’ chosen, he became fast friends with Xyphan.

Later Muir noticed Ara the wood elf and became enchanted. After an encounter, Ara was the recipient of a rare magical gift: a joining of two chosen of different deities produced a new exarch for the first time in over 2,000 years. Muir does not yet know about this as he has not had occasion to see Ara once again.

Now faced with the final battle he may be forced to choose between his love and his duty.


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