Markas Milner

Disciple of Xanlannon


Markas is a vision of human perfection when it comes to fitness. He walks with complete balance at all times and tends to radiate and air of peace and confidence. It is clear, however, that he is ready for a fight at any time.

To the untrained, Markas appears to be completely unarmed. Technically he is, but his natural weapons (fists, feet, knees, elbows, etc.) are infused with the incredible power of a true Kensai. Beyond merely magical, he fights with a number of special abilities that are almost without peer.

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Several thousand years ago Markas was an adventurer, walking side by side with the then-mortal Malgoth. Together, the two of them plus a few other rotating members rode the face of Faerun, having adventures and battles.

These travels continued for many years where Markas worked to perfect his craft. As a dedicated paladin, he was in many ways the party leader, always pushing their adventures to cross-over into the helping of others and perpetuating the cause of the just.

During these early days, metal was a rarity and proper forges even more rare. Paladins often had to fight to what they could and some would go unarmed. This tradition continue in modern Faerun with monks, but many of the arts have changed since that time.

A few years later the group found themselves on the southern coast near what is now modern day Calimport. A great and savage war raged between the Djinn and Efreet, with innocent human victims caught in the middle.

Markas was determined to intervene and convinced the party there was knowledge (for Malgoth) and profit (for the rest) would follow if they were to help bring an end to this conflict. For many months the group participated in dozens of battles, mostly against the Efreet.

There was some profit and knowledge to be had but certain members of their adventuring party decided it was time to put this to an end and the only way to do that would be to make it appears as if Markas had died in battle.

The scene was set and, between a neutral cleric and a sorcerer, the trap was sprung. Malgoth was also targeted but she was just too powerful at that point and was able to activate contingencies. She noticed Markas’ would be destroyed as well and quickly intervened to save it.

With Markas’ soul stored in a soul jar, Malgoth worked on a way to preserve him and came up with the idea of the amber tokens. Thus, Markas was the first.

Markas was thankful for the arrangement and a willing participant in the efforts to promote Malgoth to godhood.

Markas Milner

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