Kraya Lightbringer

Cleric of Lathander


Kraya is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed beauty. This is much to her dismay as she carried herself as someone with something to prove.

Kraya’s character sheet.


Kraya began life as the daughter of a Waterdeep fishmonger. Not a particularly successful fishmonger.

Seeing both her mother and father slowly wasting away due to alcohol abuse, Kraya was determined to save them and to save herself. After running into a goodly old cleric (literally), Kraya became convinced that the way to salvation was through education. More specifically, education in the ways of Lathander.

Kraya quickly worked her way into training, courtesy of her new-found ally in the form of the old cleric. She excelled in every aspect, from reading to memorizing passages to casting clerical cantrips. She attracted the notice of the Bishop and later even the Cardinal.

In her teenage years, Kraya was started receiving invitations above her stations to social gatherings. She quickly realized that the Cardinal saw her looks as a way to fund the church more fully and she became disenchanted.

The disenchantment lasted almost two years before she attended a gathering hosted by one of the Lords of Waterdeep, Julius. Julius somehow could “sense” her troubles and offered her words of wisdom: “You serve yourself and Lathander, not the Cardinal. He is a small man with small ideas. Do not let his ideas affect you, walk your path.”

Kraya and Julius became fast friends, especially after Kraya realized Julius had no interest in her whatsoever from a physical standpoint.

Interested in the motivations of deities, Julius told her his perspective of Azuth. He felt Malgoth failed him in his time of need and therefore he is more worthy to succeed him than Malgoth. No real hatred there, but certainly rivalry and bitterness.

Kraya agreed to help however she could. Once she heard a lich had joined Malgoth’s ranks, she knew the power of the Lightbringer was needed…

Kraya Lightbringer

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