Karashan of Almraiven

Protector of Almraiven


Karashan walks in confidence and power. She seems to have no doubt as to her duties and no shortage of resolve to fulfill them.

While not the prototypical disciple of Tyr, she nonetheless stands vigil over the precarious future of Alraiven. One of its many heroes, no one really knows what she looks like, just her distinctive “uniform”.


After saving the heroes from Shal, Karashan went on to have a brief fascination with Ara which culminated in her trying to forcibly restrain Ara to stay in the city. The heroes then fled, only to sneak back into the city.

Jason has offered a price for Karashan’s head. After having tangled with her once, the heroes know this will be no easy task should they choose to proceed.

Karashan of Almraiven

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