Julius Roberc



Julius resonates power and authority. Those few who have seen him would swear that he is a fairly young man though stories of him have traveled for centuries. He is rumored to have gone by many names.

Julius rarely appears in public and even then often through an avatar.


Julius Roberc is an archmage of unspeakable power and is quite possibly among the most accomplished to ever walk the face of Faerun.

Little is known of Julius’ younger days or even when those younger days occurred but it has been at least centuries if not longer. The oldest recorded mentions of the name Julius Roberc date back only a couple of centuries and it is generally assumed other names have been used in the past.

Julius is known the treasure the purity of magical knowledge and has tutored many wizards throughout his life. It is said his store of magical knowledge is unsurpassed.

Records of Julius’ time in Cormyr over 100 years prior are filled with tales of heroics rather than oppression. He was a champion of Azuth and one of his Chosen. Upon the death of Azuth at the hands of Asmodeus, the Chosen were left without the Chosen abilities granted by Azuth.

Whispers abound that Julius is angry at Asmodeus for the death of Azuth and equally with Azuth’s close friend, the demi-god Malgoth whom Julius judges should have helped during Azuth’s fall into the plane of Asmodeus.

Now rumors swirl that Julius is quite aware of the challenges presented by Shar and the race between Mephistopheles, Malgoth and others to obtain the divine essence of the deceased deity Mask.

Julius considers himself the only worthy successor of Azuth and by claiming the essence of Mask, a major deity, he would become far more powerful than Azuth ever was…

Julius Roberc

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