Disciple of Badger the Barbarian


Well muscled and tall, even for a stone giant, Jardaine cuts an imposing figure. It seems Malgoth must have a sense of irony pairing the giant with a gnome master.

Jardaine wears layered animal skins which have been enchanted by his tribe’s shaman to provide additional protection.

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Jardaine is the son of a chief and the grandson of a chief. Rulership runs in his blood and he was exceptional even for his bloodline. His blood line died with him over 1,000 years ago.

Jardaine’s tribe had done quite well for generations within their rock-filled valley in the deep north. Generations are quite long for stone giants at 700-800 years each, so the stability was ingrained within his people.

Jardaine though was restless and wanted more. He saw the lesser races surrounding the area in the hills and plains as an afront to his people. He felt his tribe was soft after so long without true war. He would change this.

After first there were some minor objections from members of his tribe but Jardaine would not be denied. They started small, routing a band of goblins from some nearby hills, then spent a few years making the land more to their liking.

Later Jardaine set his sights on the orc hordes. The stone giants set upon assaulting the orcs, surprising them with rock-throwing ambushes at several sights simultaneously. Orcs, not known as the bravest of creatures, eventually fled the area and did not fully recover until a thousand years later under their might King Obould.

Finally Jardaine saw the rugged humans of the north as his last challenge. This would be his undoing.

The humans had noted the increasing incursions of the stone giants. They had superior tactics and outnumbered the stone giants greatly. During the fateful battle, the humans set up a false ambush and when the rocks started flying, they unleashed their trap.

A human cleric of Shar thought it would only fitting if the mighty Jardaine served him forever inside a soul jar, but Malgoth intervened. The rest of Jardaine’s tribe met total defeat.

Jardaine, wanting to eventually rebuild his heritage, accepted Malgoth’s deal with the hopes that one day he could restore his bloodline in the north. This time he would not be foolhardy enough to try and expand his empire…


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