Open Lord of Waterdeep


Giselia is dainty and, despite nearing middle age, her eyes are sharp and piercing. She is never caught in anything other than the finest of Waterdavian fashion and is a trend-setter for many.

The consummate politician, Giselia betrays little. Her gestures are calculated.

She always has her trademark headband which some say enhance her mental prowess.

Gisalia’s character sheet.


Giselia was born into nobility and has embraced it. For generations her family has influenced the course of Waterdeep and she sees it as her duty to follow suit.

Giselia’s father was a Masked Lord of Waterdeep for many years and Giselia admired him to a great degree. His death left an opening for her to step into the role and she eventually became the Open Lord, basking in the publicity.

There is a certain strangeness surrounding Giselia that most know nothing about. She was very attached to her father and when he died prematurely, she became obsessed with communicating with him. This led her to become a fervent follower of Kelemor, Lord of the Dead.

Through the clerics of Kelemvor, she can sometimes speak to her father and gain his sage advice.

Waterdeep today is a dangerous place and she is well aware things could soon change. There is The Prophecy of The Four, set to come to fruition soon.


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