Disciple of The Medrae


Tall and beautiful but unmistakably menacing, Blackwater moves with precision and grace.

Blackwater has a scar running across the left side of her neck from a wound that almost killed her but is otherwise unmarred. Her brown eyes inspired many songs during her time, both of beauty and of fear.

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Over 700 years ago, Blackwater and her ship, The Rapier, terrorized the sword coast. It was and still is rare indeed to see a female pirate captain among the humans.

While many pirates were known to go easy on the crews of those ships they encountered so as to avoid priority status from the law, Blackwater had no such compunctions. Instead, she discouraged pursuit with complete brutality, making an example of any military vessel sent after her.

Blackwater was known to treat her crew very well but woe to the disloyal whom she would kill slowly over the course of days, sometimes weeks, depending on their durability. Needless to say, the rate of insubordination was very low after the first few years.

Blackwater’s early days, using her given name (lost to history), were very different. Rumor has it that she was in fact a young lady royal when her ship was overtaken by another pirate. That pirate, The Gensai, took a liking to her and kept her for years as his own consort.

During that time, Blackwater demonstrated great physical aptitude and learned every skill she could find from the crew, from sailing to fighting and eventually earned her place as The Gensai’s first mate.

After establishing a few years of credibility as first mate, Blackwater felt it was time to put an end to The Gensai’s control of her. She challenged him to a duel on the deck during a raging storm. The Gensai felt it was time to do away with her as well and, a reknowned swashbuckler, he thought he would have little difficulty.

Blackwater’s prowess shocked The Gensai, at least for the brief duration of the battle. It would have been even shorter had she not toyed him him in order to impress the crew.

The end for Blackwater came eight years later as her strategy of complete brutality finally caught up with her. Blackwater murdered the husband of an ill-tempered and quite powerful sorceress who made it her mission to make sure that, not only did Blackwater share the same fate, but her soul would also be destroyed.

She would have succeeded in both but Malgoth stepped in at the moment of the soul’s destruction to offer the disciple bargain.

Like the other 3 disciples, Blackwater had little choice but to accept her fate until she could truly live again, then die a natural death.


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