Badger the Barbarian


Ringo “Badger” Stumbletoe
Race: Gnome
Size: Small
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Alignment: Neutral Good
Religion/Patron Diety: Garl Glittergold
Height: 38"
Weight: 42 lbs.
Looks: Badger makes up for with enthusiasm what he lacks in size. He is never afraid to try new things and enjoys the somewhat surprise-ridden nature of adventuring. Badger is a hard gnome to know. He has few friends, but once Badger calls you friend – there is no more staunch, steadfast, or loyal an ally. He is incredibly strong for one so small, and earned his nickname by having a reputation of stubbornly never giving up. Some would say Badger does what he wants, because he just doesn’t give a *&^#.


Badger spend most of his youth wandering the forests outside the city. When in town, however, he naturally gravitates toward the dock district where his scruffy looks and take-no-crap attitude blends in. Not much else is known about Badger; most attempts by outsiders to learn about his past end in missing fingers and gnashing teeth… Pray you never get on his bad side.

Badger the Barbarian

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