The Medrae

10 Lich Lord/ 40 Necromancer/ 5 Archmage


The Medrae
Age: 24 (156)
Race: Human (undead)
Size: Medium
Gender: Female
Hair: White
Eyes: Glowing Red
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Religion/Patron Diety: Malgoth
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 140lb.
Looks: Adrieana carries herself with quiet grace. Her peers find her to be a bit odd, but she loves to share her knowledge and experiences with classmates and professors. She is very light on her feet and uncommonly strong for her small frame. She is no stranger to boys looking at her, but she isn’t interested in love. She is interested in Death, Life, and Unlife.


Adrieana began life in Waterdeep as the daughter of a silk and oils merchant. Her life was a comfortable one, and she rarely wanted for anything. Her father, Ilirio D’Abo, was a jolly man with songs to sing and merriment to spread to family and customer alike. Adrieana has four younger sisters, (Sabrina, Sylvie, Svetlana, and Shy) and one brother (Tybor.) Her mother, Susana D’Abo, although loving and nurturing, is far less jolly than her husband. Susana can be very strict at times and depended on Adrieana to help take care of the family and the house. The family always came first in the D’Abo house, but Adrieana was always looking toward the next step in her life. She wanted to be free and travel the world with adventurers. She wanted excitement and thrills. Little did she know, those thrills would come soon enough.

As a child, Adrieana was always fascinated with zombies, skeletons, ghosts, and vampires. She would visit the City of the Dead often to simply watch the undead—their movements, mechanics, and a curiosity of what made them exist. She often wondered what it would be like to have such powers to create unlife and wield the energy that surrounded these creatures. On the day of her 15th summer, she petitioned her father to allow her to join the Mage Academy. Ilirio was thrilled that she wanted to become a magic user, however, her mother wasn’t. Susana forbade any more talk of the Mage Academy. Adrieana was going to help the family, not chase some foolish dream of power…

…Ilirio came to her bedroom in the middle of the night and told her that she indeed would be going to the Mage Academy. He gave her 50 gold pieces and a cape with many pockets. He sent her with a final meal and a kiss on the forehead…and Adrieana was off to live a life of purpose and significance.

The Academy was filled with what seemed an unending supply of knowledge, especially in the Necromantic arts. Adrieana became a fast learner of these arts, and she began experimenting on dead rats, birds, and sometimes even fish. Adrieana took a job as a mortician in the City of the Dead, where she could freely experiment on dead humanoids. She became rather good at making the deceased look far better than they did in life, but it was the unlife that sparked her interest. She drank up all the knowledge she could find and also impressed a few professors along her path. She was having the time of her life. There was no time for boys at the Academy…she had no time for love and family. She longed for adventure and the freedom it afforded. She would make her mark on the world.


Adrieana is definitely getting all she bargained for and more in this, not so sleepy city. Nagas, clerics, and tieflings, oh my! The group has gotten a foothold in the city, via the brothel and the Thieves Guild. There are numerous obstacles in our way though, and the list of allies grows thinner by the minute…

Adrieana is beginning to understand her role in these events. Her judgment has been spot on so far, but what mysteries lay in wait for the group to discover. What would the group do if they knew what her plans were for the future? These strange gifts we have been given are both frightening and exhilarating. No matter the future for the group, Adrieana will be eternal, with or without the help of a demigod.


Ships Ahoy! We’re off on another adventure. This time we are aboard that crafty little Drow’s ship, The Whip’s End. There’s a fantastic crew of misfits, not including a grumpy old Dwarf, first mate, and a giant Orc, second mate. Setting sail for the fantastic Neverwinter, on an errand for Jason. Little did we know, the crew was infiltrated by the Cult of the Dragon, so we had to regulate. And to make matters worse, a flock of lovely Wyverns flew in to sting and eat us! Yay! Luckily we kicked much ass and the cult and the little dragons were put to death. Ogara’s heart will be put to good, well, necessary use later.

What is that wave of force, covering the entire sea, coming at us far too quickly? Well, it’s a shift in time again! We are propelled fifteen years into the future by some unknown power. The strangest things keep happening, but then again, we are the chosen. We met a friend of Mizzrym’s in an opulent manor house in the Black Lake District. He was the flounciest fop of a Drow Elf that I’ve ever seen. Jarlaxle is his name, and trade is his game…among other things. And his skulking psionicist friend, Camerial was no doubt reading our every thought and intention. Requests were made. Deals were struck. And it’s off to Icewind Dale in the frozen North. We are to deliver a message to one, Artemis Entreri, and bring him back to Jarlaxle. Jarlaxle wishes to explain to his estranged friend that he did not purposely betray him but will explain the events in detail when he comes back to Neverwinter.


The adventure continues with a hike and ends with level drains and someone isn’t alive anymore:)
The Medrae (pronounced (med-ray))

Adrieana D’Abo was once filled with dreams of adventure and excitement, but the world she was hurled into quickly became a series of life lessons for survival. These 131(24) years have definitely lived up to her expectations. She is part of a group, chosen by a demi-god to become Lords of the greatest city in the realms, and thus establishing a seat of power without equal on the surface of Faerun. Escaping the Spellplague and narrowly slipping out of the grasp of a power crazed Pasha, Adrieana’s life has been propelled from saviors of Almraiven to brothel owning thieves guild member who would sooner trade their virtue for platinum and gold.
As the tide turns away from how much gold we can amass at one time, Adrieana is left to her devices. Being a Necromancer can sometimes put a barrier between Adrieana and others, but she is fiercely loyal to her comrades. Although her alignment is a little different than in the beginning, she is now ready to make her ambitions come to life or death, as it were. Adrieana will leave this world a virgin and come back to it with powers eternal. She will know death and become its disciple. She will become a force for order, knowledge, and self-sacrifice. She will be The Medrae!
“I have learned over the years that when one’s mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear.”The Medrae


The long road back to our home has taken us through time, desert cities, ocean voyages, wyvern attacks, zealot attacks, ancient Dwarven cities, crafty Drow, demons, opposing Chosen, Archmages of terrible power, Pixies that can cast 10th level spells, silver dragons, parties, and Demi-god teachers. We have finally arrived, 146 years later, in the City of Splendors once again.
Securing our seats in the government of Waterdeep was altogether too easy for my feelings on the matter. Ara the Swift is the new Masked Lord of Waterdeep, and I am certainly glad she was pushed into the role and not myself. We must secure our positions in the city, or another Masked Lord will be taking us out soon enough. I do so welcome the chance to battle this swaddle-faced mage, Xyphan. His threats at the ball were less than awe-inspiring. We shall overcome these opposites, and Malgoth will have the rightful seat of a god.


There are so many powerful enemies in this battle, it is hard to keep all the wizards and warriors straight. Malgoth and Julius both are not doing very well in the grand battle of the demi-gods. The battleground is strewn with able warriors and wizards and devils. We find ourselves with an enormous challenge, and we must overcome it or die. I will watch the life draining out of Xyphan’s body before the end of this day.

Malgoth and Julius are Dead

We, strangely, have lost none of our gifts but gained in power when our mistress was slain in battle. The final battle rages on, and we are faced with, not only a group of vastly powerful Chosen, but also the threat of Shar destroying the world.

Join or Our World Dies

The battle between the chosen was long fought and terrible to witness, but Xyphan finally called for us all to join forces or watch our world be devoured by Shar. We all decide that it’s for the best and transport to the pocket plain where Riven and Rivalen are fighting for the power of Mask. We see the massive maw of Shar on the other side of a barrier that seems to be containing her. Xyphan heals Riven, and we collectively try to either help Riven or harm Rivalen. Riven wins out in the end, and we are all elevated to Demi-God status. We now follow the Master of Thieves/Shadow.


The Medrae

Heirs of Waterdeep Darkness