Heirs of Waterdeep

Prodigal Chosen

Return to Waterdeep

It doesn’t seem like it to the four Chosen of Malgoth, but it has been well over a century since they last set foot in Waterdeep. They have been through much in what, for them, seems like a short period of time.

Malgoth has hardened her Chosen in the crucible of time and trial. Powerful beings now, moreso than most of Faerun, the Chosen still face a terrible challenge in Waterdeep. There are many questions unanswered.

Why was it not safe for them to return to Waterdeep until now?
Will the considerable strength of the four be enough?
How many faces does the enemy possess?

It seems certain that Julius is aware of the return of the Chosen as he licks his wounds from the defeat of his minions in Neverwinter. It seems very likely there are more forces within Waterdeep to challenge the Chosen of Malgoth.

After the strange attack by the shadowdancer and his shadows, it also seems clear now that the Pasha of Almraiven has regained notice of the Chosen. To him, it has been many years since their disappearance but it seems unlikely a powerful archmage would give up so easily.

What also of the Chosen should they succeed? It is obvious that they cannot defeat Julius himself but should they thwart his plans, then what? Do they turn on each other?

Surely it is not natural for good and evil to co-exist forever…



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