Heirs of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep

Four young beings with great potential work in various sections of Waterdeep. Already they have shown much greater potential then the typical shopkeepers, scribes, beggars, and other denizens of Waterdeep. Some people have taken notice at their talents, whether their arcane magic, their great strength, their agility or their faith.

Among those who have taken notice are apparently the Lords of Waterdeep. The Lords are now fractured with the departure of the Blackstaff, but a messenger from one or more them appears to each of the four young ones in turn. A small wooden box is delivered by these armored figures, guards of the Lords of Waterdeep. No words are exchanged.

Each of the 4 experiences something similar. Opening the box, there is a pendant on a golden chain. The pendant itself is a small 2" staff replica made of black obsidian—an of tremendous monetary value. Upon touching the pendant each of the 4 immediately knows what they must do—they are drawn to a villa on the Western, mountainous edge of Waterdeep…



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